Ada Kaspersma UK



Ada Kaspersma, owner of Adalyse, has over 15 years of experience in the business information industry, providinada kaspersmag sophisticated, in-depth business research.
 Ada has extensive experience in all aspects of information retrieval, organization and analysis using the latest information resources and research techniques. Her passion for conducting research combined with many years of experience qualify her to efficiently locate and filter the information her clients require.
 Ada has worked in top-tier organizations, including KPMG, Baker & McKenzie, HayGroup and Boston Consulting Group in research and business development functions. I select the best resources and search strategies for your information needs.

With its professional yet pragmatic approach Adalyse searches, filters, organizes, evaluates, and customizes information to your specific company needs. I provide a customized approach and use multiple information sources, with access to many resources not available on the Internet.